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Never Lose Your Natural Fungicide Again

like to drink that stuff and just give it a good mix and then I’m going to pour this in my spray bottle and we’re going to go out in the garden I’m going to show you what powdery mildew is now one caveat it is probably the warmest part of the day sunny right now or close to it if you can try and avoid spraying is on.

your plants when natural fungicide it’s really swarming outside and really sunny if you can dearly in the morning or in the evening before you know the Sun Goes Down then that is what I recommend also an overcast day is actually like the perfect day to spray if you are able to know I do still think that.

it’s best to avoid doing this when it’s super hot outside because um you can burn yourselves and we don’t want to do what we’re trying to save our leaves so I ‘ll meet you out in the garden I’ll show you-what powdery mildew looks like you can see here what these leaves look like youse how these have dried up and they ‘re kind of mottled with yellowish looking ick well that my friend is powdery mildew and this looks like I’ve got a little Mexican beetle having some dinners but I have cucumbers growing anyway the majority of these plants like I said I conducted an experiment.

this year I planted cucumbers in this spot for-several seasons and honestly can’t say that I’ve had the best success I thought it was because I was planting more than one variety but it turns out maybe it just this area up there so I have cucumbers in another section of the garden and I’ll walk you over there I ‘ll show what those look like but this what powdery mildew looks like also will get a white film and all you have do is spray with this spray with your banking soda and your soap and a little bit.

Best Make Art You Will Read

Paying attention to by talking to each other about it that conversation is called-culture some of it is over some of it is covert but it’s all part of what makes a culture and culture is us it is simply our reactions to the world situations around us if we think that we can opt out of culture we’re idiots we can choose to be passive or active participants but be active is betterI’ve decided that being active is better here are some other people that decided to being active in their culture better many of my heroes now moving the second problem that./span>

we see art science as separate from us let’s tackle those two things separately at how culturally we separate art out into a high and a low we see some as high some as low that’s just beneath us some is above us and in the middle is the stuff enjoy which means we don’t put much value on the stuff we enjoy so at the low you’ve got gross crafts and silly sweaters stuff like that at the high you’ve got art that’s complicated and you don’t want to talk about because it’s hard to understand and in the middle looks cinema does a great job riding right across this big band in the middle we talk about it as an as a nation we talk about it as a culture but even cinema is split between high and lowokayalso./span>

it’s interesting to note how we view artists and the way we’ve viewed artists throughout the century is still often how we look at them in these we see them either as tortured tortured artists or we see them as gross caricatures of a dufus and our response to art when we see art that’s difficult something like a Rothko or a Pollock or a Hirst we say this phrase now this is big raise when I was a kid it’s not so much now but I still think the sentiment holds we say I don’t know much about art but I know what I like now my father.

The Secret To Retirement Communities Is Revealed

The people that you need to know to the knowledge of the things that you need to know that’s critical to your success and destiny in life think I slow it down for you when your heart is right with God and your desire is to please God God becomes obligated to bring you into the company of the people that you need to know to the knowledge of the things that you need to know that is critical to your success destiny in life god bless you stay tuned see you next week everyone so as promised today I’m going to do my new job impressions review basically what I want to talk about is long-term care facilities / skilled-nursing home facilities some people called a nursing home.

I know a lot of older people call it a rest home mum assisted living which is my new job just to give you a quick background I’man LPN I’m going to help him for a little over two years now close to two-years somewhere in there um time really flies when you’re working but anyway I did I’ve done worked at two different nursing homes that also provided skilled services which means the patients were doing rehab with attentions to go home go to another setting and currently now for the past – months I’ve been an assisted living setting this sister living does have a memory care unit as well however I have not worked over in the memory care unit just on the assisted living side so basically there are some of the differences.

That I have noticed Retirement Communities working as a nurse in there situations like I don’t have a family member there I don’t have you known parents in these settings obviously I’monly so I don’t live in these settings so this is not a video to promote like where to send your parents or your loved ones this is just strictly like career advice for future nurses or current nurses that are maybe thinking of switching from a nursing home setting to assisted living or vice versa.

Volunteering in Nepal And Love – How They Are The Same

That I could do something like that in the future as well in the meantime I need to go back home and I miss for so I gotta be with her and keep working and if people working until I can make money so I’m gonna get ready get my stuff packed and ready for leaving tomorrow and I ‘m gonna go to this[Music]hope I said on my day off which will do baby for my flight back to Houston.

I went over volunteering in Nepal touch ago and they’ve involved in Tunisia just reasoner relax and get a full body massage and when I took a swim in the pool and me fell asleep in the Sun but it doesn’t go celebrate the deal we got to choose the oil we wanted to hide from the charge and the water was cold upper but you caused to it by the time I got back to WFft fearless girls who are also sending our last night’s therapy rescue centers went up to your top of the tower again to see one last view of the elephant and the sunset I’d have to say goodbye some of the animals and also.

I got to say goodbye to some of the volunteers that I met along the way it was an experience I honestly was kind of sad that I was getting the hang of it during my last two days of working over there-but hopefully I can come back again next-year and then look forward to seeing some familiar faces and some fresh new volunteer faces to work with I’m also excited to see how much progress the rescue center will build into the future thank You Mr. Edwin weeks for the opportunity and include the u.s. of the volunteer corps near staff doing a great thing out there helping these rescued animals so keep doing what.

Five Shocking Facts About 7 Hair Care

Anything I didn’t Oregon but it’s it’s because some sort of ionic the ions in it and it works with the notes and it’s called an ionic ceramic thermal brush so it’s basically supposed to work with the heat of the hair dryer to really control the frizz again and the UM the eye on chemistry like this indefinitely supposed to work with the ions and your hair just to give you smoother look and like I said I haven’t had any breakage with this I’ve been obsessed with it and the cool thing about it is this bottom.

part pulls out and just like a section er if you want to section off your hair I don’t aerodynamically off my hair but it is something good to have a few room for something precise um really like this i will try to find this online I’ll have everything linked down below but I just really love this mush if you’re in the market for anew hairbrush check this out I didn’t think I it would be as hair changing asst was but it is so Mac in bed then I’m going to move on to or bay of course right back so the first thing.

I can sup um from or bay 7 hair care is just another bottle of the anti community hairspray like i said live in Florida i can’t live without this stuff um i have a small travel on and then i had a big one but i finish edit so just picked that up this is so good then the next three products are actually knew by tor bay um this one caught my head when I was getting the hair spikes is right near it it’s called the soft lacquer heat styling spray and I got this because I thought it would bearlike a good um it says shakes spray.

style of hot tools for a Salon Hair Products soft sealed and shine or let air dry for a high gloss patent finish I thought it would be product like I could spray my hair before I flat iron it or before it curlit just to give it a little extra key protection when it said.

What You Should Wear To Online School Supplies

pieces of white card stock online school supplies and did the exact same steps for the more narrow sides on the sides of the box using pink card stock again using Mod Lodge I applied a thin layer on one of the card stock pieces and smooth it out on the front side of the pencil case for the other side I cut out the same template that I use for my other colleague video that I did a few months back and I’ll link that video down below in case you want to use this template I glued on the lips and wording on the other piece of card stock.

like how school supplies it would be on an actual lip kit and then applied a thin layer of Mod Lodge On top and smooth that out on the backside of the pencil case lastly I Glued on the pink sides exactly how I Did the white sides and flip the box inside the pencil case and once it dries you can put all your pens and pencils all up in there and all these combined only cost me two dollars because a lot of the materials I had at home so all these are super inexpensive and easy and yeah I hope you guys like them and decide to recreate them thank you so much for watching I Hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up because.

I’d Really appreciate it it please subscribe below if you have not already because this back school season has just started and I’m really excited about all the to come and I’ll be doing a really big giveaway towards like mid-august so you definitely wanna be subscribed for that and if you guys decide to recreate any of these definitely tag me on Instagram or Twitter.

Because I’d love to see the other Kylie Jenner gear whether I did I love seeing your recreations of so definitely do tag me if you excited to recreate any of these school supplies and yeah I’ll sit in my next video bye I accidentally slept myself in the face or Sassoon the time do what you’re.

What No One Tells You About Denver Skin Care

You exactly what to apply on your skin so you can do certain procedures now how does it work do you need do you do take insurance or is it just kind of out of pocket do you know for general dermatology absolutely retake insurance and the girls that my office can help you in terms of what insurance that we do carry but for consultations those are sort of something that it’s out of pocket.

Although most of us will charge for consultation you want to value that timeout I put it towards any procedure that’s done in office so it really is fail safe for patients come on it’s fantastic all right it’s called art of skin Melanie palm you guys relocated work in solaria beach consolable art of skin all of this is going to be on our website a direct link to palm and her her clinic thank Stacy for coming in go to nos ID com thanks all right we’ll be back they’re an effective skin care regimen.

can be challenging because there are just so many options the beauty aisles are just tacked with lotions and potions they they all Denver Skin Care promise to turn back the clock rejuvenate the skin and restore that youthful glow but what do you really need to know about your skin care products dermatologist jewel confrere about skin dermatology is here to talk more about it this morning good to see you nice to see you so there are so many things that we see when you go down the beauty aisle that you don’t always.

know what’s important Skin Essentials it can be very overwhelming I think the important thing for folks to realize is that anecdotes don’t add up to really data the skincare industry is an industry that is seven billion dollars in us sales a year and there’s a lot of different products out there there’s a lot of different product lines and nope one.


The Reason Why Everyone Love Nebraska Contractors

Up on thereof can you do that real quick yep nail to the roof got metal braces rhythms we’ll move those down on top of the shingles once inside this house is huge how much is this job$, ha yeah we’re going to go up here the nice crooked ladders the job we’re just getting to loaded library barriers we’re going to replace all the shingle areas slow tire roof be brand new by the time we’re done everybody’s just getting going and trying to get things organized at least we’re in the shade it’s supposed to be like degrees today so too bad so Keith what do you think what do I think yeah I think that is uh what seems like chaos need it’s really normal to write beginning of the job salad goes something big like this how long you been doing roofing.

your whole life yeah years I’ll carry bundles up on the back my buddy’s uncle owned a company and you just needed help so he paid me Nebraska contractors bucks an hour to do it then I was stuck there so I moved upon that’s sweet when did you get that a couple years ago so for those I don’t know back in the day we used to do music and Eric that was the rapper one part of sir yeah there’s a lot of time ago so what finally hit you when you said I will start my own business I was a production manager for a bigger so running everything except.

The sales really and I knew sales with my strong point no matter what kind of customer he got used be like all this guys you know real eke this lady’s kind of you know paining the ass and I would by the time we were doing the job they were Lincoln ne roofing if they loved us you know so I ran all the cruise I oversee all the operations that’ll be ordering I was like well at this point why not do this myself a little falling out you know and then I just put my team and started my own face a bunch of money and a website media ended ever since then you know we’ve been rocking.

and rolling so yeah Jack to do about two millionths year million ok how people are working total is you about a day you have two people in the office inside the storefront taking althea calls doing all the accounting tax and seeing all that stuff material purchases I do all the sales every.

The Shocking Revelation of online album proofing

Which is similar to the proofing agreement this custom message will be displayed when your clients exceed the maximum number of changes you’ve set for that design proof these sections are completely optional and not required finally if you need to change your administrative password you can quickly and easily change your password by clicking this tab and that’s all you need to do to set up design proofer in this video we covered logging into the administrative dashboard setting up and making changes.

To your design counteroffer join me in the next video where we’ll go over setting up a design proof to share with your client and click export for proofer to export your album for online proofing click on the export icon and then click export for proofer choose the folder you want to export to all of the pages you can-also choose to export with the filenames on the actual design if you choose after the export is finished hook it up after the export is finished you’ll gate pop-up to ask if you would like to login to the design proofer page click ye sand I’ll take you to the login page and then you can log in and you’ll.

see all of your online album proofing past galleries now online album proofing com that will be your login page you’ll always be prompted for this link whenever you need it but you can also bookmark this online album proofing com now let’s create a new proof so Putin the name of the client and what album it is and you can choose clients and this will group things together if you want to just create one client and use that over and over again that’s fine the client is only reference you can put in your background.

color and enable your album proofing agree mentor a maximum number of changes for any of these items see the manual and it will explain how to set that up your entire setup is in the top right hand of your approve so select the files and just navigate to those files that we recreated you’ll notice they’ll be front.

Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Colorado Wedding Venue

A few of them by hand to find out what the the brick level is which it’s the sugar level and then that’s going to tell us what what percent alcohol are we going to end up with an ideal brick levels it kind of to bricks this stuff’s come in at which is about perfect we slightly higher than and a half percent alcohol may thirteen percent so we like that if it gets too high you you lonesome of the flavor of the fruit gets Tobe a little bit hot and so keeping it Ina reasonable alcohol range is very important.

Everyone asked if you dozy is here to stomp the grapes and she’s not we moved from stomps with our feet to now a little bit Colorado wedding venue more mechanical assistance we kind of manually with pitchfork scoop it into a bucket lifted up to our crushers it goes through bandit breaks apart the Pops kind of the skins open do stems it the stems go through a little cylinder the grapes fall through and the stems pop out at the end so real basic process what the sighs and I’m at now I’m able to really handcraft the wine it’s pretty much me and some friends and family it’s the same friends year after year helping me and they know what to do and they know what they’re going to get for showing up so they they come up and they’re ready to work and the fruit comes in we get busy.

And we knock it out and they’re happy because they’re going to get a bunch of free wine for the free labor they give me it’s a team effort it’s fun we’ve pumped the fruit into our containers here to get ready for fermentation and John’s going ahead and killing all the organic yeast in there so we can have a good controlled fermentation and get the exact product we want after he does that he’ll godhead and add his yeast and on a daily basis start feeding it and really getting it to kick in to the fermentation turn that sugar and alcoholically is a labor of love during the fermentation on here almost twenty-four seven watching it adjusting it that’s the hardest part that’s the most time consuming after that you pretty much have to babysit it rather than create.



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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Art

Back we’ll have more thane need sure so it’s really just about those things like strange diamonds and the other ingredient and most of the other machines I actually haven’t replaced because I wanted to just the master versions of them so let’s actually let’s quickly look at the science stuff how you doing no you’re fine okay give you a couple of these anklet’s do that for these guys as well so went ahead and I built I think I made like six of the master drills let’s check then we have six master drills.

I have one master pump built and I put in a couple more of these so I contractually fabricate a couple more so these more pink quartz and then we’re going to be getting the master apiaries here shortly hopefully so what let’s check are you guys ready not ready okay I want to quickly before we go gosh I’m getting a teleportation sickness heal Imam really quickly wanted to check how many pink ports I have stored up because that’s going to be one thing that we need to be producing and slightly larger number.

I’m sure why are you hungry I just fed you I just threw a bunch of stuff in there did one of your brothers or sisters eat it come on any extra lying around I don’t know let’s check on these guys maybe maybe they’ve got some extra food hide that here we go we’re yeah hungry boy there you go all right now you’re happy all right let’s get all this stuff and the dervishes we actually need a little bit of that too so we can get like maybe one more before we leave.

which would be good because where we’re going I might as well just go ahead and set down more machines while I’m out there that will be helpful I think as well but we’ve got like four-and a half minutes it looks like to check.