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Never Lose Your Natural Fungicide Again

like to drink that stuff and just give it a good mix and then I’m going to pour this in my spray bottle and we’re going to go out in the garden I’m going to show you what powdery mildew is now one caveat it is probably the warmest part of the day sunny right now or close to it if you can try and avoid spraying is on.

your plants when natural fungicide¬†it’s really swarming outside and really sunny if you can dearly in the morning or in the evening before you know the Sun Goes Down then that is what I recommend also an overcast day is actually like the perfect day to spray if you are able to know I do still think that.

it’s best to avoid doing this when it’s super hot outside because um you can burn yourselves and we don’t want to do what we’re trying to save our leaves so I ‘ll meet you out in the garden I’ll show you-what powdery mildew looks like you can see here what these leaves look like youse how these have dried up and they ‘re kind of mottled with yellowish looking ick well that my friend is powdery mildew and this looks like I’ve got a little Mexican beetle having some dinners but I have cucumbers growing anyway the majority of these plants like I said I conducted an experiment.

this year I planted cucumbers in this spot for-several seasons and honestly can’t say that I’ve had the best success I thought it was because I was planting more than one variety but it turns out maybe it just this area up there so I have cucumbers in another section of the garden and I’ll walk you over there I ‘ll show what those look like but this what powdery mildew looks like also will get a white film and all you have do is spray with this spray with your banking soda and your soap and a little bit.

Volunteering in Nepal And Love – How They Are The Same

That I could do something like that in the future as well in the meantime I need to go back home and I miss for so I gotta be with her and keep working and if people working until I can make money so I’m gonna get ready get my stuff packed and ready for leaving tomorrow and I ‘m gonna go to this[Music]hope I said on my day off which will do baby for my flight back to Houston.

I went over volunteering in Nepal¬†touch ago and they’ve involved in Tunisia just reasoner relax and get a full body massage and when I took a swim in the pool and me fell asleep in the Sun but it doesn’t go celebrate the deal we got to choose the oil we wanted to hide from the charge and the water was cold upper but you caused to it by the time I got back to WFft fearless girls who are also sending our last night’s therapy rescue centers went up to your top of the tower again to see one last view of the elephant and the sunset I’d have to say goodbye some of the animals and also.

I got to say goodbye to some of the volunteers that I met along the way it was an experience I honestly was kind of sad that I was getting the hang of it during my last two days of working over there-but hopefully I can come back again next-year and then look forward to seeing some familiar faces and some fresh new volunteer faces to work with I’m also excited to see how much progress the rescue center will build into the future thank You Mr. Edwin weeks for the opportunity and include the u.s. of the volunteer corps near staff doing a great thing out there helping these rescued animals so keep doing what.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Art

Back we’ll have more thane need sure so it’s really just about those things like strange diamonds and the other ingredient and most of the other machines I actually haven’t replaced because I wanted to just the master versions of them so let’s actually let’s quickly look at the science stuff how you doing no you’re fine okay give you a couple of these anklet’s do that for these guys as well so went ahead and I built I think I made like six of the master drills let’s check then we have six master drills.

I have one master pump built and I put in a couple more of these so I contractually fabricate a couple more so these more pink quartz and then we’re going to be getting the master apiaries here shortly hopefully so what let’s check are you guys ready not ready okay I want to quickly before we go gosh I’m getting a teleportation sickness heal Imam really quickly wanted to check how many pink ports I have stored up because that’s going to be one thing that we need to be producing and slightly larger number.

I’m sure why are you hungry I just fed you I just threw a bunch of stuff in there did one of your brothers or sisters eat it come on any extra lying around I don’t know let’s check on these guys maybe maybe they’ve got some extra food hide that here we go we’re yeah hungry boy there you go all right now you’re happy all right let’s get all this stuff and the dervishes we actually need a little bit of that too so we can get like maybe one more before we leave.

which would be good because where we’re going I might as well just go ahead and set down more machines while I’m out there that will be helpful I think as well but we’ve got like four-and a half minutes it looks like to check.