Little Known Ways to cbd-infused

Little Known Ways to CBD-INFUSED

That we had initially was finding you know someone that was doing that fraction that was removing most of the terpenes and kind of having that raw yep oil for lack of a better term and loud pack does.

That for us you know they have a little bit different refinement process that we use for our coffee than they’re selling or than they’re offering in dispensaries but like I said it’s a great product for us and it’s it’s a pretty seamless process.

Got it so you’ve made coffee with weed in it tastes great I would drink that coffee any day of the week presumably I’ll be high in minutes or so well higher take me through the business a little bit I mean what is one of these costs to make what do you sell it for you know take me to that um so our cost to manufacture has come down significantly initially you know we were sourcing a lot of product here in the United States.

Where in terms of the box the plastic k-cup the filter uh-huh the different components and small quantities and typically when you buy in smaller quantities you have to pay a premium course yeah but now we’ve been able to scale to the point where you know we can drop that.

And I mean our production cost including THC oil or none just over a dollar you know to make and what do you sell for so we reach our we wholesale to the dispensaries for around to for the ten milligrams okay okay and higher up what and and how much is the difference in cost with the more potent oil.

I guess or there’s more well like for the ten milligram we’ll do for the and for the hundred five bucks okay okay got it so it’s not necessarily incremental you know because yeah just the cot we’re looking at like a per milligram cost of about cents for oil that we buy right but you’re looking at a percent margin or something like.

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