The Reason Why Everyone Love Nebraska Contractors

Up on thereof can you do that real quick yep nail to the roof got metal braces rhythms we’ll move those down on top of the shingles once inside this house is huge how much is this job$, ha yeah we’re going to go up here the nice crooked ladders the job we’re just getting to loaded library barriers we’re going to replace all the shingle areas slow tire roof be brand new by the time we’re done everybody’s just getting going and trying to get things organized at least we’re in the shade it’s supposed to be like degrees today so too bad so Keith what do you think what do I think yeah I think that is uh what seems like chaos need it’s really normal to write beginning of the job salad goes something big like this how long you been doing roofing.

your whole life yeah years I’ll carry bundles up on the back my buddy’s uncle owned a company and you just needed help so he paid me Nebraska contractors bucks an hour to do it then I was stuck there so I moved upon that’s sweet when did you get that a couple years ago so for those I don’t know back in the day we used to do music and Eric that was the rapper one part of sir yeah there’s a lot of time ago so what finally hit you when you said I will start my own business I was a production manager for a bigger so running everything except.

The sales really and I knew sales with my strong point no matter what kind of customer he got used be like all this guys you know real eke this lady’s kind of you know paining the ass and I would by the time we were doing the job they were Lincoln ne roofing if they loved us you know so I ran all the cruise I oversee all the operations that’ll be ordering I was like well at this point why not do this myself a little falling out you know and then I just put my team and started my own face a bunch of money and a website media ended ever since then you know we’ve been rocking.

and rolling so yeah Jack to do about two millionths year million ok how people are working total is you about a day you have two people in the office inside the storefront taking althea calls doing all the accounting tax and seeing all that stuff material purchases I do all the sales every.