The Shocking Revelation of online album proofing

Which is similar to the proofing agreement this custom message will be displayed when your clients exceed the maximum number of changes you’ve set for that design proof these sections are completely optional and not required finally if you need to change your administrative password you can quickly and easily change your password by clicking this tab and that’s all you need to do to set up design proofer in this video we covered logging into the administrative dashboard setting up and making changes.

To your design counteroffer join me in the next video where we’ll go over setting up a design proof to share with your client and click export for proofer to export your album for online proofing click on the export icon and then click export for proofer choose the folder you want to export to all of the pages you can-also choose to export with the filenames on the actual design if you choose after the export is finished hook it up after the export is finished you’ll gate pop-up to ask if you would like to login to the design proofer page click ye sand I’ll take you to the login page and then you can log in and you’ll.

see all of your online album proofing past galleries now online album proofing com that will be your login page you’ll always be prompted for this link whenever you need it but you can also bookmark this online album proofing com now let’s create a new proof so Putin the name of the client and what album it is and you can choose clients and this will group things together if you want to just create one client and use that over and over again that’s fine the client is only reference you can put in your background.

color and enable your album proofing agree mentor a maximum number of changes for any of these items see the manual and it will explain how to set that up your entire setup is in the top right hand of your approve so select the files and just navigate to those files that we recreated you’ll notice they’ll be front.