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Five Shocking Facts About 7 Hair Care

Anything I didn’t Oregon but it’s it’s because some sort of ionic the ions in it and it works with the notes and it’s called an ionic ceramic thermal brush so it’s basically supposed to work with the heat of the hair dryer to really control the frizz again and the UM the eye on chemistry like this indefinitely supposed to work with the ions and your hair just to give you smoother look and like I said I haven’t had any breakage with this I’ve been obsessed with it and the cool thing about it is this bottom.

part pulls out and just like a section er if you want to section off your hair I don’t aerodynamically off my hair but it is something good to have a few room for something precise um really like this i will try to find this online I’ll have everything linked down below but I just really love this mush if you’re in the market for anew hairbrush check this out I didn’t think I it would be as hair changing asst was but it is so Mac in bed then I’m going to move on to or bay of course right back so the first thing.

I can sup um from or bay 7 hair care is just another bottle of the anti community hairspray like i said live in Florida i can’t live without this stuff um i have a small travel on and then i had a big one but i finish edit so just picked that up this is so good then the next three products are actually knew by tor bay um this one caught my head when I was getting the hair spikes is right near it it’s called the soft lacquer heat styling spray and I got this because I thought it would bearlike a good um it says shakes spray.

style of hot tools for a Salon Hair Products soft sealed and shine or let air dry for a high gloss patent finish I thought it would be product like I could spray my hair before I flat iron it or before it curlit just to give it a little extra key protection when it said.