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Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Colorado Wedding Venue

A few of them by hand to find out what the the brick level is which it’s the sugar level and then that’s going to tell us what what percent alcohol are we going to end up with an ideal brick levels it kind of to bricks this stuff’s come in at which is about perfect we slightly higher than and a half percent alcohol may thirteen percent so we like that if it gets too high you you lonesome of the flavor of the fruit gets Tobe a little bit hot and so keeping it Ina reasonable alcohol range is very important.

Everyone asked if you dozy is here to stomp the grapes and she’s not we moved from stomps with our feet to now a little bit Colorado wedding venue more mechanical assistance we kind of manually with pitchfork scoop it into a bucket lifted up to our crushers it goes through bandit breaks apart the Pops kind of the skins open do stems it the stems go through a little cylinder the grapes fall through and the stems pop out at the end so real basic process what the sighs and I’m at now I’m able to really handcraft the wine it’s pretty much me and some friends and family it’s the same friends year after year helping me and they know what to do and they know what they’re going to get for showing up so they they come up and they’re ready to work and the fruit comes in we get busy.

And we knock it out and they’re happy because they’re going to get a bunch of free wine for the free labor they give me it’s a team effort it’s fun we’ve pumped the fruit into our containers here to get ready for fermentation and John’s going ahead and killing all the organic yeast in there so we can have a good controlled fermentation and get the exact product we want after he does that he’ll godhead and add his yeast and on a daily basis start feeding it and really getting it to kick in to the fermentation turn that sugar and alcoholically is a labor of love during the fermentation on here almost twenty-four seven watching it adjusting it that’s the hardest part that’s the most time consuming after that you pretty much have to babysit it rather than create.



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