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What You Should Wear To Online School Supplies

pieces of white card stock online school supplies and did the exact same steps for the more narrow sides on the sides of the box using pink card stock again using Mod Lodge I applied a thin layer on one of the card stock pieces and smooth it out on the front side of the pencil case for the other side I cut out the same template that I use for my other colleague video that I did a few months back and I’ll link that video down below in case you want to use this template I glued on the lips and wording on the other piece of card stock.

like how school supplies it would be on an actual lip kit and then applied a thin layer of Mod Lodge On top and smooth that out on the backside of the pencil case lastly I Glued on the pink sides exactly how I Did the white sides and flip the box inside the pencil case and once it dries you can put all your pens and pencils all up in there and all these combined only cost me two dollars because a lot of the materials I had at home so all these are super inexpensive and easy and yeah I hope you guys like them and decide to recreate them thank you so much for watching I Hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up because.

I’d Really appreciate it it please subscribe below if you have not already because this back school season has just started and I’m really excited about all the to come and I’ll be doing a really big giveaway towards like mid-august so you definitely wanna be subscribed for that and if you guys decide to recreate any of these definitely tag me on Instagram or Twitter.

Because I’d love to see the other Kylie Jenner gear whether I did I love seeing your recreations of so definitely do tag me if you excited to recreate any of these school supplies and yeah I’ll sit in my next video bye I accidentally slept myself in the face or Sassoon the time do what you’re.