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Brook dale calm is down the street so is Terrace but then you see the third one is a placing agency so how do these placing agencies get all these leads for you that you have to buy to get your residence well they do their own online marketing and they’re using Google Ad words and they have an SEO strategy as well excuse me so what we decided was if you scroll down here certainly we can turn on this Ad words and we did for this client but what we wanted to focus on was right here.

This is what’s called a Google snack pack and for local businesses Google has changed over the years where instead of just showing all the organic results for national businesses if you’re a local business they create this little map section on a Google result and if you’re on your phone you see the same thing or if you’re in Google Maps and you search assisted-living you see the same thing now we’re not in the top three me yet but we weren’t anywhere six months ago we didn’t even have a website.

we didn’t even instagram have a brand and if I click in I’m just gonna if I click on to this more places I get this page right here which is the full maps and what we see right here we see two more ads then one two three four boom five Adagio San Juan so this was the initial strategy we we went after was hey look if people are looking for residential home we and your competitors here it’s not like Phoenix Arizona where there’s nearly three thousand homes we’ve got about twenty so.

If we can get in the top ten you’re more than likely if people are going to go search maybe they’re going to two or three or five different places we think we can get you we focus in on this strategy of how can we get you ranked on local SEO so you see here’s the property on google we’ve got pictures up we’ve got you know there’s all kinds of elements you kind of have to do registering with Google.

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